Meadowood Nursing Center

Meadowood Nursing Center

Comprehensive Care Planing

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Transitional Care

The stress of transitioning from one care setting to another can be virtually eliminated within an environment of overwhelming hospitality, compassion, and qualified, professional attention. Our goal is to provide a continuity in health care that ensures the safe and timely recovery and/or preparation to the next level of care service. Astoria Park Senior Living understands both the physical and emotional challenges of transitioning from one level of care or health condition to another and prides itself on smoothing the process.


Hospice Care

While Hospice Care is often the most emotionally challenging form of caregiving for all involved, Astoria Park Senior Living views it as the highest class of service we can provide. As “care professionals” who have dedicated our careers to helping others, we recognize it as an opportunity to show compassion, care, humility, and understanding towards all those involved in this journey. There is no more important time to display respect, exude human kindness, and honor the dignity of life. That begins with supporting you as you explore this stage of caregiving and we encourage you to connect with us.